Resultate Final 2019

Aarau - On 16. And 17. March the final of the Swiss Physics Olympiad took place at NKSA in Aarau The 26 participants had qualified for the finals in January. Now more than six hours of exams awaited them. The finals determined who was awarded a spot on one of the teams representing Switzerland. Our teams will attend the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) and the European Physics Olympiad (EuPhO).

The exams were meant to challenge the participants. In the experimental part they were tasked with determining the density of oil. They were equipped with a glass tube, a beaker, a pipette, some metal screw nuts as well as some water. The students needed to figure out which physical laws could be used and devise an experiment. In the theoretical part the students tried to understand how a halo is formed. A halo is an optical phenomenon that resembles a round rainbow.

Results of the competition:

Rank Name Region Points (Max. 120) Medal Team Award
1 Cédric Solenthaler de 57.80 Gold IPhO SPG-Award 1
2 Hiro Farré fr 57.30 Gold IPhO SPG-Award 2
3 Jonas Hofmann de 49.10 Gold IPhO
4 Fabian Graf de 48.05 Gold IPhO
5 Nicolas Schmid fr 47.65 Gold IPhO
6 Yanjun Zhou de 46.20 Silver EuPhO
7 Eric Ströher fr 42.30 Silver
8 Noah Roux fr 41.65 Silver EuPhO
9 Robin von Reding de 40.75 Silver EuPhO
10 Etienne Rösli de 38.85 Silver EuPhO
11 Ramón Buchenberger de 38.55 Bronze EuPhO
12 Hans Kieninger de 37.90 Bronze
13 Matthias Bürgler de 36.65 Bronze
14 Cedric Wenger de 35.20 Bronze
15 Tobias Riesen de 35.00 Bronze
16 Clémence Bachmann fr 34.70
17 Jan Obermeier de 33.80
18 André Emmenegger de 32.25
19 Keanu Gleixner de 30.80
20 Adrian Gashi de 29.10
21 Flavio Dalessi it 25.70
22 Noè Bizzozero it 25.05
23 Azra Smajic de 24.80
Noncompetitive (Liechtenstein):
Mario Wildhaber FL 33.30
Leon Dahinden FL 28.90
Yannic Neusüss FL 22.20

1) Best Swiss participant (Award of the Swiss Physics Society)
2) Second best Swiss participant (Award of the Swiss Physics Society)

Congratulations to all participants. We encourage everyone to participate again next year if possible. Students who aren’t allowed to participate again next year are welcome to contact us if they are interested in helping the Physics Olympiad.

Official press releases: German, French.

A few pictures taked during the competition:

Experimantal Exam1
Theoretical Exam1
Gold Medalists

© Pictures: Markus Meier

Experimental Camp 2019 at EPFL

Between the 15. and 17. February, the experimental training camp of the Physics Olympiad took place on the EPFL campus in Lausanne. From every corner of Switzerland, twenty-two participants joined us to prepare themselves for the final round of the Physics Olympiad.

Between some theoretical lectures about AC circuits, quantum physics, electrodynamics and statistics, the students were mostly focused on experimentation. During an afternoon spent in the electronics lab, they built and analyzed a high-pass filter and identified the content of “Black Boxes”. The following day, they worked on previous experimental examinations of the International and Swiss Physics Olympiads covering various phenomena such as fluid friction, phase transitions and Foucault currents. Additionally, a visit to the CROCUS, the experimental fission reactor of the campus, gave them a glimpse of what research can look like at a technical university.

We wish these students all the best for the final round in Aarau.

This event could not take place without the help of the EPFL. We would like to warmly thank the Physics section as well as the Study Programs Promotion Service for their precious support over the years.

© Photos: Alexandre Pinazza and Caroline Rossier

Results 2nd round 2018/2019

The second round of the Physics Olympiad took place on 16. January 2019. A total of 63 students took the exam in Berne, Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano. 27 Swiss participants, as well as 2 from Liechtenstein, qualified for the final round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad. Problems and solutions are available here (in German).

Rank Name Points (Max 70)
1 Yanjun Zhou 56.75
2 Hiro Farre 45.75
3 Hans Kieninger 42.80
4 Ramón Buchenberger 39.75
5 Noah Roux 38.40
6 Keanu Gleixner 35.70
7 Jonas Hofmann 35.55
8 Max Wipfli 34.85
9 Cédric Solenthaler 32.85
10 Jan Obermeier 32.40
11 Cedric Wenger 32.30
12 Mario Wildhaber 32.00 Liechtenstein
13 Antonin Mignot 31.05
14 Fabian Graf 30.40
15 Nicolas Schmid 30.40
16 Tobias Riesen 29.40
17 Eric Ströher 28.65
18 Matthias Bürgler 28.50
19 Etienne Rösli 27.90
20 Axel Vanoni 27.40
21 Noè Bizzozero 27.20
22 Adrian Gashi 26.90
23 André Emmenegger 26.85
24 Robin von Reding 26.70
25 Azra Smajic 26.65
26 Loïc Nicollerat 26.55
27 Clémence Bachmann 25.75
28 Flavio Dalessi 25.50
Leon Dahinden 21.65 Liechtenstein

Congratulations to all successful participants. We wish them good luck for the final round which will take place on 16. – 17. March at ‘Neue Kantonsschule’ in Aarau. A good performance at the final round will allow you to represent Switzerland at the European Physics Olympiad 2019 in Riga or even at the International Physics Olympiad 2019 in Tel Aviv.

We would also like to thank everyone, who didn’t make it to the final round, for participating. Hopefully, many of them will try again next year.

A few pictures from the different venues:

The exam in Bern.

Thermodynamics in Lugano.

The participants in Zurich.

Lab tour at the University of Zurich.

Volunteers marking the exams.

© Pictures: Michele Dolfi, Dominik Gresch, Timothy Mallor, Henning Zhang

Preparation camp 2018/2019

From 18. to 23. of November, the preparation camp for the second round was held in Vordemwald. 54 students participated in the camp. In addition to the lectures and the exercises, we visited the chocolate factory in Aarau. In the evenings, we had various entertaining activities planned. Some impressions are kept in the following slideshow: