IPhO 2010 : Results

Between July 17 and 25 the 41st International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) took place in Zagreb/Croatia. 82 countries participated in this competition with a total of about 400 pre-university students.

This year Switzerland has been represented by these five contestants:

Lukas Brun (Horw, LU)
Timon Gehr (Rehetobel, AR)
Mario Lehmann (Wittenbach, SG)
Giuseppe Capobianco (Buchs, SG)
Samuel Büchel (Rüthi, SG)

After having solved the theoretical examination and successfully conducted the experiment, Giuseppe Capobianco and Timon Gehr each received an honorable mention . Congratulations!

The next appointment has already been made: In July 2011 the 42nd IPhO will be held in Bangkok/Thailand. Of cource, the future candidates should get prepared now!