Results SwissPhO 2016

Aarau - April 2nd and 3rd the final round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad took place at the NKSA in Aarau. The 25 participants that qualified at the first round in January, solved exams for over 6 hours. Their goal was to be one of the five best, synonymous with a spot in the Team, which represents Switzerland at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) taking place in Zürich this year.

The exams were a big challenge for the participants. In the theoretical part knowledge in a wide range of topics in Physics was asked. The energy source of a space probe, the mechanics of the coorbital moons of Saturn and the properties of a synchronous motor are some examples. During the experimental part the practical skills of the participants were tested. First the period of a physical pendulum had to be determined with the help of a gravity pendulum, second the properties of a water jet had to be defined.

The final ranking of the SwissPhO 2016 is given as follows:

Rank Name Region Points (max. 120) Distinction Special Award
1 Lengen Bastian f 46.6 Gold SSP-Award 1
2 Zhang Henning d 46.55 Gold SSP-Award 2
3 Reding Quirin d 44.5 Gold
4 Rossier Caroline f 44 Gold
5 Gantenbein Nicolà d 42.4 Gold
6 Köhler Markus d 41.5 Silver
7 Rutschmann Adrian d 41.35 Silver
8 Isenring Pascal d 40.65 Silver
9 Mukherjee Ambika d 40 Silver
10 Hajdin Nikola d 39.1 Silver
11 Dilallo Francesco f 36.5 Bronze
11 Huang Xingjian f 36.5 Bronze
13 Vering Julius d 36.25 Bronze
14 Thoma Vinzenz d 32.1 Bronze
15 Kolb Patrice d 32 Bronze
16 Humbel Ciril d 29.25
17 Huang Sijing f 28.75
18 Mazenauer Justin d 26.25
19 Apffel Nils f 25.25
20 Mazzone Daniel f 24.25
21 Christes Alvar d 23.35
22 Kabbani Karim f 23.15
Unofficioal participants (Liechtenstein):
Rank Name Region Points (max. 96)
1 Biedermann Joel FL 29.35
2 Gartmann Jannik FL 24
3 Wohlwend Konstantin FL 18

1) Best Swiss Participant (Swiss Physical Society Award)
2) Second Best Swiss Participant (Swiss Physical Society Award)

Congratulations to all the participants, especially to the first five of them who are thus taking part in the IPhO 2016 "at home" in Zürich.
Everybody else that would like to be part of the IPhO 2016 as well, may register as Team Guide here.

Additionally we encourage all the candidates to participate next year again. The experience you gained this year will definitely give you an advantage next year. All others who can not participate next year are welcome to help out the organization!

Press release by the ASSO: :german, french.

Photos of the competition and the closing ceremony can be found on the website of the ASSO.