IPhO 2016 : Results

The 47th International Physics Olympiad took place this year in Zürich. The participants faced two five hour-long exams. During the experimental part, one task for the students was to study a model of the theory about phase transitions including beads. During the theoretical part of the exam the participants had to solve three problems. The topics reached form classical mechanics and gravitation to electric circuits with nonlinear components and the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. Besides the exams the program included excursions to Liechtenstein, the PSI and CERN.

Switzerland was represented in 2016 by (from left to right):

  • Markus Köhler, aus Balgach/SG (Kantonsschule Heerbrugg)
  • Nicolà Gantenbein, aus Eschenbach/SG (ehem. Kantonsschule Wattwil)
  • Caroline Rossier, aus Cottens/FR (Collège Sainte-Croix)
  • Quirin Reding, aus Honau/LU (Kantonsschule Alpenquai)
  • Bastian Lengen, aus Uvrier/VS (Lycée-Collège de la Planta)

The Swiss team performed really well at these competitions: Markus Köhler won a Bronze Medal, and Nicolà Gantenbein, Bastian Lengen, Quirin Reding und Caroline Rossier were decorated with a Honorable Mention!

Congratulations to all the participants not only for their individual results but as well for the great team performance