Experimental Camp 2018

Between the 16. and 18. February, the SwissPhO Experimental Camp 2018 took place on the EPFL campus in Lausanne. Sixteen highly motivated participants from every corner of Switzerland joined us for this restructured annual training camp to prepare themselves for the final round of the Swiss Physics Olympiad. Complementing the new theoretical camp in autumn, this event was centered around the second important part of physics: Experimentation.

Following some theoretical introductions to AC circuits, Metrology and Data evaluation, the students could put their hands on real hardware during two long experiment sessions. In the AC lab, they built and analyzed a High-Pass Filter and identified electrical components hidden in “Black Boxes”. On Saturday afternoon they worked on previous IPhO and SwissPhO experiments, covering phenomena such as Foucault currents, thermal conduction and a torsion pendulum. Additionally, a visit to the interdisciplinary center for electron microscopy (CIME) at EPFL gave them a glimpse of what research can look like at a technical university. Finally, they could extend their theoretical knowledge with a class on modern physics.

We hope they can use their newly acquired knowledge in future and wish them all the best for the final round in Aarau.

This event could not take place without the help of the EPFL. We would like to warmly thank the Physics section for their excellent support, the Study Programs Promotion Service for helping sending information about the Physics Olympiad to the physics teachers, as well as the School of Engineering for providing access to the electronics laboratory.

© Photos: Alexandre Pinazza, Nicolà Gantenbein und Thanh Phong Lê