EuPhO 2018: Results

The European Physics Olympiad 2018 (EuPhO) took place from 28. May to 1. June in Dolgoprudny near Moscow, Russia. The EuPhO was held for only the second time but this was the first time that Switzerland participated. Switzerland was represented by:

  • Namu Bae, from Morges/VD (Gymnase de Renens)
  • Matthias Bürgler, from Brunnen/SZ (Kantonsschule Schwyz)
  • Keanu Gleixner, from Dättwil/AG (Kantonsschule Baden)
  • Marco Rotschi, from Mönchaltorf/ZH (Kantonsschule Uster)
  • Severin Spörri, from Stein am Rhein/SH (Kantonsschule am Burggraben)

From left to right: Barbara Roos (Leader), Namu, Keanu, Matthias, Severin, Marco, Alfredo Mastrocola (Observer)

The competition consisted of two exams, each lasting five hours. In the experimental part, students had to examine a porous membrane with diffusion and optical methods. The theoretical part consisted of three problems that had to be solved using concepts from mechanics, magnetism, thermodynamics and calculus of variations. The problems required a lot of creativity and understanding of physics. The exam was very challenging which is reflected by the results that the students achieved: The best participant overall achieved 31.1 of 50 points. After the official corrections, the participants could do the moderation themselves. They could discuss unclear parts with the correctors.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to visit Moscow and meet like-minded students from all over Europe.

Discovering Moscow

The results were announced during the final ceremony and Switzerland won an award. Namu Bae won an honorable mention! Congratulations!
Press release

Namu Bae with his honorable mention

All participants of EuPho 2018

© Pictures: Barbara Roos