IPhO 2018: Results

The international physics Olympiad took place from 21. To 29. July and had the best 400 young talents competing for medals. On the two examination days the young physicists solved three theoretical problems and conducted two experiments. They examined the elasticity of a polymer fiber, analyzed the signal of a gravitational wave and modelled the growth of a tumor. Lionel Philippoz, astrophysicist and supervisor of the Swiss team emphasizes: „The problems originate from current research problems. The high school students practiced how to think like researchers. They will hugely profit from this experience in the future.”

Text: Miriam Sager

From left to right: Arthur, Tobias, Hiro, Tim, Ciril. Picture: Lionel Philippoz

Switzerland was represented by:

  • Arthur Jaques, from Massagno/TI (Liceo Lugano 2)
  • Tobias Hächler, from Binningen/BL (Gymnasium Oberwil)
  • Hiro Farré Kaga, from Rolle/VD (Institut le Rosey)
  • Tim Mosimann, from Bellmund/BE (Gymnasium Biel-Seeland)
  • Ciril Humbel, from Burg/AG (Alte Kantonsschule Aarau)

Tobias Hächler won an honorable mention. Congratulations!

The complete results can be viewed here
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