Team 2010

The 41rst International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) will be held on July 17 in Zagreb (Croatia).
This competition lasts for 8 days and comprises of two exams, where the participants have four hours time to prove their knowledge. In one exam the theoretical knowledge is tested, in the other the contestants have to show that they can cope with an eperimental set-up.
Besides, the host country Croatia will present itself to the students with a curturally rich program and it will give them the opportunity to exchange with young physicists from around the world.

Switzerland will be represented by a team of five contestants (from front left to back right):

Lukas Brun from Horw (LU)
Timon Gehr from Rehetobel (AR)
Mario Lehmann from Wittenbach (SG)
Samuel Büchel from Rüthi (SG)
Giuseppe Capobianco from Buchs (SG)

Markus Meier
Lionel Philippoz

Observer (not on the image):
Harald Sprenger

We wish our team a successful and enjoyable trip!